Destination Luxury: TV Host and Influencer Christina Cindrich makes a Culinary Escape

She’s a TV producer, host, writer, social media influencer and world traveler. In an interview with Christina Cindrich, we also learn that she considers herself a storyteller and adrenaline junkie.

Croatian Diaspora "40 Under 40": Meet Christina Cindrich and her Luxury Travel Entertainment Brand

January 17, 2018

What can one say about a television and entertainment professional who builds a brand and a career traveling the world and creating high impact video displays, footage and photos from exotic locations and especially at some of the most beautiful private islands in the world! How about “smart, passionate and savvy" to build that type of brand which has made Christina Cindrich, a well known expert within the global travel industry about how to promote luxury travel and to showcase some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world. The National Federation of Croatian Americans Cultural Foundation was real pleased to learn more about Christina’s travel entertainment production accomplishments throughout 2016 and she was chosen as one of the group’s first ever “40 Under 40” honorees.

H&DF Magazine: Christina Cindrich - 2x Emmy Award-Winning TV Producer and Host

Throughout my life I have come across many talented people, and I’ve also been fortunate enough to have worked with several of them – either on my own endeavors or with others. One thing I admired about these individuals is their work ethic. To me, your work ethic determines the outcomes of your projects and your overall future successes.


In becoming more acquainted with Christina Cindrich, I can officially say I have met one of the hardest working people I have ever met, period.

Modern Salon: Rejuvenol Partners with Christina Cindrich

Rejuvenol has welcomed Christina Cindrich to the team, a two-time Emmy Award- Winning Television Producer, Host, Writer, and Actress.

The Almanac: World Travel All in a Day's Work for Christina Cindrich

Not too many people include the self-description “adrenaline junkie” on their résumés. Then again, not too many folks have been filmed for television saying, “I’m all for jumping in the water with sharks,” and then actually jumping in the water with sharks.

Adventures like that are all part of the job for Mt. Lebanon native Christina Cindrich, who trots the globe as host, writer and producer of AWE’s “Private Islands.” The Best Budgetwise Bucket List Girlfriend Getaway: Arizona

There is nothing better than the anticipation of a stellar bucket list vacation with your girlfriends. Preparation and the ability to deftly organize these getaways well, and on a budget, is crucial.  That is why my friend, and Emmy winning travel expert, Christina Cindrich and I began our dream bucket list travel series, Culinary Escapes. As you will find in our video we’ve got the insider secrets to blending good friends, great food and out-of-the-box adventure.

Sea Trek: Christina Cindrich, Host of AWE's Global Passport, visits Sea Trek Cayman

Christina Cindrich, host of AWE's Global Passport, may just have the world's most enviable dream job traveling the world, participating in exotic animal encounters, trying adrenaline pumping tours, eating diverse foods, and constantly waking up in different, beautiful cities.

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Christina Cindrich on Business Rockstars! DIY/How to Produce & Host Your Own Show!

BUSINESS ROCKSTARS is an Entrepreneurial Business Show that brings together some of the world's biggest and most accomplished CEO's as well as successful small business owners and Entrepreneurs. I joined Ken Rutkowski to talk the do's and don't of hosting, career changes, show ideas, social media, and what it's like winning an Emmy Award.

Culinary Escapes TV Show Sizzle Reel

Culinary Escapes is a 10-episode TV series hosted by multi-Emmy award-winning travel experts, executive producers and friends Kerri Zane and Christina Cindrich. It is the best blend of girlfriend getaway, food and fun. Airing on TV in 2018.

Private Islands Promo

PRIVATE ISLANDS doesn't just discover crystal clear waters and sunny skies around the world… Host Christina Cindrich takes you beyond the beach and into the heart of what makes every exotic location an unforgettable memory. Your only risk is wanting to stay.

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